Rymar Play tiles

Rymar Play tiles

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fall safety for kids’ play environments. Install a Rymar Play Tiles surface and eliminate the need to fill in holes, remove animal waste and potentially dangerous hidden objects. Created from recycled rubber, diverting tonnes of waste from landfills, Rymar Play Tiles are durable, resilient, and porous to allow drainage.

 Can protect from 4′ to 12′ height requirements

Durable 2’x2′ (24″x24″) recycled rubber tiles with 12″x12″ cross-hatch pattern

Installs equally well over a hard surface sub-base or a well compacted granular surface

Easy to install with interlocking pin system for alignment

Tile edge adhesive creates a monolithic safety surface that’s not bonded to sub-base

subsidiary structural tile legs (stanchions) allow for unrestricted water drainage away from site

Eliminate health and safety concerns from buried objects and animal wastes

Eliminate risks and maintenance associated with displaced loose fill materials (ie/ wood fibre)

Playground Safety Surfacing System complies with ASTM requirements

Size: 24″ x 24″x 1.75″