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    • Enhances Fat Burning
    • Cranks up Endurance and Performance
    • Laser-sharp Mental Focus

Works Great with or Without a Ketogenic Diet!

RIPPED FREAK® KETO contains BHB ketone bodies called beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) and other key ingredients that work synergistically with BHB ketones.

Why BHB Ketones?

With a BHB ketone supplement, you have ready-to-use ketone bodies, providing you with greater performance, energy and focus! You don't have to be in a ketogenic state or following a ketogenic diet to reap the benefits of a BHB ketone supplement.

How do BHB Ketones Work?

BHB Ketones provide an alternative energy source for your brain and muscles to boost performance, all while supporting fat loss.

Boost Performance

BHB Ketones are glycogen sparing. Metabolically, the skeletal muscle will oxidize and burn ketones preferentially over glycogen and glucose.


Fat Loss and Energy
BHB Ketones are a major advancement in fat loss and energy supplements. Data shows that BHB Ketones allow cells to generate about 36% more ATP per unit of oxygen used in energy metabolism. BHB Ketones fat burning capabilities are enhanced with carnitine, caffeine, olive leaf, and B-Vitamins.

Endurance and Performance
The ingestion of BHB Ketones shifts metabolism to more efficiently oxidize fatty acids in mitochondria via the TCA cycle. Beta-alanine, caffeine and Panax ginseng enhance BHB's endurance and performance boosting properties.

Cognitive/Mental Focus
BHB Ketones provide an alternative energy source to fuel your brain. Tyrosine, caffeine and Panax ginseng enhance BHB's cognitive/mental focus benefits.