iron Armour Power tower

iron Armour Power tower

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Our Power Tower is strong and study and supports a range of strength training movements.


Work out your upper body with Chin-ups, Tricep Dips, Push-ups, Pull-ups, and add a resistance band for Assisted Pull-ups. Or a Weight Dipping Belt with weights to increase your resistance training.


Work your lower body and core muscles with Knee Raises and Leg Raises.


Occupies a small footprint.


ccupancy Size L 140 cm x W 105 cm x H 216 cm

Frame & Upholstery Heavy Duty Steel Tubing; Padded Back and Arm Rests

Packaging Size L 148 cm x W 47.5 cm x H 17.5 cm

Gross Weight 37 kg

Net Weight 35 kg

Maximum User Weight Limit Chin Up Bar 200 kg; Knee Raise 300 kg